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O MITO DA CAVERNA - Os Condenados da Terra CD

Karasu Killer
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I have no idea about the lyrics but I had this image when I was listening to the song.. Oppressed depression is a scene where you see from a tiny prison between the bars. Bloody tears with humiliation. But you try to drag yourself out, seeking for a grain of the light. You bet everything for this power... (please excuse me if this image was actually something totally wrong.) Even one song is 33 minutes long and the whole is extremely slow tempo with heavy riff but you will never feel their songs lengthy or boring. I rather think their length is very appropriate for a sludge band. --moderate guitar feedback interlude, narration, screams with reverb, and the extremely finely timed transformation of tunes. To be honest, I've never imagined that a band like this appears from South America! But definitely their unique dark sound can not born from the USA or Europe. GREAT! 

Tak Koreedargh (Coffins/Trikorona)